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World Cash Win Coin (WCWC) personal security (fingerprint, eye retina, face control, voice recognition etc.) or QR to be able to process all points with code.

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Emhm Holding will hold 20% of EMHM Coin and WCW Coin in-house. 69% of the rest of the EMHMC and WCW Coin can be paid by the company

5% of emhm coin and wcw coin will be spent on emhm coin’s and wcw coin’s corporate charity (scholarship to students with poor financial status, etc.) to support projects linked to the growth of blockhain technology. 5% percent of emhmcoin and world cash win coin will be distributed to people as airdrops. 1% additional costs

Crypto is built to last. Our development activity and quality are among the highest in the space. Features of the Crypto software include:

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“Chance is the corner where preparation meets opportunity.” Russian Proverb


( 90, 180 , 365 diary )

EmhmCoin Specifications


Online voting is only beginning to make headway in modern society. It might seem strange that the acceptance of this method of voting has been so slow, but if you take a closer look at the issues involved, the reason will become clear. Online or remote voting is certainly convenient, but it also opens up vast opportunities for spoofing the results. A compromised voting protocol can lead to large-scale changes to the choices made by voters. This means that online voting imposes extremely stringent requirements on the security of every aspect of voting. We believe that the blockchain technology is the missing link in the architecture of a viable online voting system.

It is a system where people and institutions can earn CW Bonus on their purchases and convert these CW Bonuses to WCW Coins and cash using smart contracts. For businesses, it is a system that makes the shopping analysis of the total audience in the WCW Coin system and strengthens its commercial activities and ensures the loyalty of the current audience by ensuring that personal campaigns reach these audiences. WCW Coins can be cashed with a small commission anywhere in the world as they wish, or they are used in their payments.
Join the WcWcoin movement The joy of success is even sweeter when it helps people feel good and opens the door to their dreams.
As part of this mission, our members have the opportunity to earn money and we are proud of it. But more importantly, they have the ability to make a difference and be part of something special. Join the WcWcoin movement!
“Fair choice is a requirement of democracy” Bagirov G.Q

1 EMHMC (EmhmCoin)= 5 $

" WCWC: One World One Market " Bagirov G.Q

1 WCWC (World Cash Win Coin)= 10 $

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Road Map
2020-2021 Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia, Iran
2021-2023 Central Asia 
2021-2025 Europe
2021-2025 Far East 
2022-2026 America 
2023-2027 Australia
2023-2028 Africa


EmhmCoin : Conduct secure online voting Without printing costs and complex organization. From EmhmCoin , votes will be fair and transparent thanks to blockchain technology.


Solution to the problem of stealing any political party votes in presidential, presidential and parliamentary elections, general elections and municipal elections: EmhmCoin

World Cash Win Coin

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